Before it’s too late


This was my very late Saturday breakfast in bed: rye bread sandwiches with mustard, egg, pepper, cottage cheese and cress. Some almonds and black tea as well. Now grocery shopping and housework – typical Saturday.


Low Carb Challenge

IMG_1074 IMG_1024 IMG_1046 dinner IMG_0616 IMG_0671 IMG_0735

Well I really try to skip the carbohydrates, but it’s hard! On my running days I just need the energy. When I come home from a run, I feel so exhausted that I could eat my fingers – I swear! Then I need some spelt flour pancakes or crisp bread sandwiches. My opinion on fruits is also quite ambivalent. I know that they have a lot of sugar (and some nutritionists say that fructose is the kind of sugar which makes people fat), but I just love the taste of berries and bananas. There is nothing better than yoghurt and fruits after a hard workout.

Italian Lunch


This is my simple Italian lunch with stuffed olives, pepper, parmesan, turkey, walnuts and vanilla flavoured black tea. My challenge for 2013 is trying to avoid carbohydrates when I don’t need them. Today is my regeneration day, so I rely on protein and unsaturated fat.


Breakfast Pancakes

IMG_1064 IMG_1065 IMG_1071

My breakfast this morning: a quickly made pancake with yoghurt. I used 1 tsp olive oil / 20 g spelt flour / 1 tbsp rolled oats / 1 tbsp spelt bran / 1 tbsp quark / 1 tsp baking powder / 2 egg whites / 2 tbsp water. The pancake tasted delicious and I liked how big and fluffy it got. Of course there was a cup of tea, too. Earl Grey is my favourite at the moment. Feeling full with energy now!


Breakfast in bed

IMG_0821 IMG_0822 IMG_0824

Just a little breakfast today – I was still full from yesterday’s dinner.

Yoghurt / raspberries / bran / black tea.