I guess it’s summer now


Today I had a very special run. I completed 8 km at the end of a super hot summer day – and it was still about 30° C when I came back home.

At first I was quite sceptical while putting on my running shoes, thinking about my health and so on. But guess what? The run was awesome! I never thought that the heat wouldn’t bother my body at all, but that’s just the way it was. Well, maybe I’m a summer person…

What’s your favourite running temperature?


First out, then in

IMG_1599 IMG_1741Wow, what an amazing day! I ran in the snow. It was just a short 6 km run but at least I did it. One week without running was really hard for me. Everytime I listened to a song from my workout playlist I got this tingling in my legs, I just wanted to run. Maybe you remember that I was a bit scared of running on snowy paths, but seriously today was just  awesome!! The temperature was about -3°C but my brightful running clothes did a great job. And surprise, surprise: after the run I was swimming for 30 minutes. Feel reborn now!

Workout day


This morning I got up early so I could go out for a run. Completed 10 km! It was amazing! I love the so-called Runner’s High. Seriously, sensing the adrenalin in your body is the best feeling ever!… Then I tried something new for breakfast: I just put some lemon slices in my water – I’ve never done this before. Best way to start the day!