Having a good time

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Just came home from a 10 km power run with my dad. Now we’ll have 5 o’clock tea with some homemade pancakes. Hope you enjoy your sunday, too.



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Usually I don’t wear red. I prefer black and white. But this top is one of my favourite clothes. It’s from the Swedish label Filippa K and made of 100% lyocell fibers. I bought it on a trip to Stockholm last summer, so there are also a lot of memories in it. Maybe everyone has such a personal garment. Who knows?…

Fridays are best

IMG_1255  Fridays make me happy. Since my childhood the day before weekend is my favourite. I don’t like busy, shopping and cleaning day saturdays and I don’t like lazy, time doesn’t pass sundays. Fridays are best. – So I had an energy-rich breakfast with yoghurt and my homemade granola, rye bread with turkey, some vegetables and a big cup Earl Grey.