You can’t always get what you want


I feel sick so I went straight to bed when I came home. My throat and my arms hurt. Now I’m lying here watching ‘It’s Me or the Dog’ with a cup of tea. Hope your wednesday is better than mine!


Real to me

IMG_0876 396345_3643528778534_959732406_n IMG_0883 IMG_1298

The day is coming to an end… I sorted my clothes (going to sell some of them at the flea market), was out for a run in the rainy but warm forest and have just finished eating my sandwich supper.


Nights like this


21-12/8.6 km   23-12/6.6 km   24-12/8.3 km   25-12/4.8 km   26-12/7.1 km

total 35.4 km

Was running almost every day. Now I’ll take it easy till New Year’s Eve. Have just gotten my period, so the next days of holiday will be spend shopping, travelling around and relaxing a lot. Can’t wait!