Month: February 2013

Pancake Lunch

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Some impressions from today’s pancake lunch. I made them with spelt flour, oats, bran, milk and two eggs. Now out in the forest! My last run was one week ago. I’m so excited, and my legs are too!


Homemade protein bars

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Seriously, who of you likes the taste of protein bars? I don’t. And so I decided to make them my own way. I took 5 dl oats, 1,5 dl vanilla flavoured protein powder, 6 egg whites, 1 dl sliced almonds, a pinch of salt and mixed it all with a tablespoon After that I shaped small bars and put them in the oven (150°C – 20 minutes). Just in case you want them to be sweeter: try to add a mashed banana.

Have already tried two bars – they are so delicious! And the texture is very soft. Yummy!