Month: January 2013

Spring feelings


15°C, an 8 km run and a fantastic lunch – that’s all I need today!


I’m so tired


Yesterday’s baking: vegan banana-coconut muffins. I’m sorry that so much time passed since my last post. My schedule is very full at the moment. Yesterday, when I was on my way back home from work, I felt very unhappy. Standing in the shop from 9-19 made me feel dull. I sat there in the train and just wanted to run, dance or do some skipping. So the first thing I made when I came home? Well, I did a 40 minute interval workout on the bicycle ergometer. And I was so happy afterwards! It may sound akward, but I love to sweat! Then I baked some vegan banana-coconut muffins. Yummy!

First out, then in

IMG_1599 IMG_1741Wow, what an amazing day! I ran in the snow. It was just a short 6 km run but at least I did it. One week without running was really hard for me. Everytime I listened to a song from my workout playlist I got this tingling in my legs, I just wanted to run. Maybe you remember that I was a bit scared of running on snowy paths, but seriously today was just  awesome!! The temperature was about -3°C but my brightful running clothes did a great job. And surprise, surprise: after the run I was swimming for 30 minutes. Feel reborn now!