Month: December 2012

The way it was

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Had an awesome sunday! Though it was my resting day I took a 6 km promenade with my dad after lunch. Weather was not that good, but stepping outside and getting some air is always so refreshing!!

Breakfast/raspberry smoothie with yoghurt and almond milk + crisp bread with cheese

Afternoon tea/Darjeeling with almond milk

Evening snack/raspberries with yoghurt, bran and oats + Caro coffee with milk

Carpe diem

breakfast running dinner coffee

Today was an exhausting but lucky day! First some breakfast with Weetabix, yoghurt, pear and black tea. After a little workout I went to the mall with my older brother. Bought new running socks and a black dress for New Year’s Eve. Tonight pasta, wine and cappuccino with my friend Oliver. Now looking forward to the weekend!